I accept I am not (yet) an accomplished artist, I do not possess the skill to create realistic detailed representations, nor do I have the desire. There are schooled professionals and camera’s that provide for such clarity and replication.

My images are just that, mine. They are what my vision and my mind create. Of course, the early pieces have close associations with floral meadowlands, coral seas and sunsets.

All very nice, all very safe and pleasing to the eye. Regrettably, all too easily replicable and single dimensional. But, still good! The excitement I have is to push a few boundaries, trial and test and create compositions that warrant study, merit understanding rather than immediate acceptance.

Abstract Art is in my view dares to fly in the face of conformity, no bounds, no rules. It has something deep, hidden and surreal.

My Abstract Art are pieces are far from replicable, they are purposely chaotic and perfectly composed. There are of course influences in the style I’m adopting but these are far from ‘Pollock’ portrayals. Great to have an association but, my images uniquely ‘exercise’ the negative space with the use of UV and Luminous paint.

Even the ‘purest’ individual has an alternative persona when the lights are off. Bad, naughty, indifferent, exciting, daring, uninhibited it matters not.

Lights on or lights off, one picture two polar images. My divergence into Abstract Art will continue to be a journey, an exciting one.