We commissioned Jon to paint us one of his illuminous abstract pieces for our Living Room. We were after something eye catching and different. Jon asked where it was going to be situated and we agreed on the size of the canvas.

Although I had an idea what it was going to look like from looking at similar pieces on stiffy art’s website and social media,  when Jon actually came to deliver the painting I was blown away. From the textures to the colours I was drawn to different areas and my imagination was seeing faces, animals, angels and all sorts. In fact each time I look at it I see something new.

Once it became dark I couldn’t wait to turn off the lights & close the blinds so we could see the illuminous paint come through. It actually looks like a different painting and takes on a whole new perspective.

Suffice to say I love it and would definitely recommend everyone looking for a special piece of art to get an original Stiffy!