This early November I organised my first solo show. The event took place at the quirky bar in Birmingham City Centre and what an emotional experience that was. It was the first time I have seen my art on display in such surroundings and experienced the joy and dare I say gratification of over 100 viewers who came to support the Stiffy Art launch. An experience that I now long to repeat.

Simple thanks to the efforts of my agent, project manager and confidant (Jaanika Okk of Okk Arts) is frankly, not enough; although she nearly broke me over the eight hours of suspending some two dozen pieces from the cavernous ceilings, but what a spectacle and what insight! The rooms at the venue echoed the two opposing themes of Abstract and Expressionist work their placement and choreography were meticulously matched.

Throughout the evening there was a real ‘buzz’ and excitement in seeing people contemplate and scrutinise the imagery. A delightful and rewarding experience for me. Wonderful in so far as my platform as an Artist is now established and now that I’ve ‘arrived’ the journey has only just begun.

The night offered me so much more than becoming noticed and ‘getting out there’ … there were moments amongst the hustle and bustle that I just watch in silence and tried to absorb and take in what’s happened in such a small period. Looking around the room and saw those people who believe in me and remain instrumental in guiding me on this adventure. To me, it was those personal moments that provided the reward and will offer the energy for me to be the ‘next best’.

We will be publishing a gallery of images from the night on this website shortly.