The show was a wonderful experience for me overall. On one hand it was a great, intricate lesson in self-expression while on the other hand it was this larger than life, cinematic experience. It had its own highs and lows, of course. Monday was an utter disaster. It was a harsh reality check in terms of my character under pressure. I believe I drew what I was expected to draw and not what I wanted to draw and so the piece turned out very disappointing. Tuesday was a revelation for both me and my parents in terms of my body (or the tattoos on it). It was well, something! Wednesday saw a part of my abstract abilities coming out and dare I say, coming out well. Thursday was the Avatar cartoon-poster image which was very angular. Loved the pencil work but made the horrid mistake of using acrylics which blocked out some of the great line work.

Then the last piece on Friday just completely blew me away. I still don’t know where that came from and that too under pressure. It still sort of amazes me to think about it. I remember people were going for this swan song thing whereas I just went for a purely technical drawing. I resisted filling the colour in initially but then realised it actually wouldn’t be that bad. It actually started resonating with the chap’s scarf, once I filled it in. It was honestly an epiphany (for the lack of a better word), to go from where I was on Monday to where I was on Friday. I was absolutely delighted with the week and I made some great friends.

In terms of what’s next, I think I’m going to be drawing a bit more. I started painting because I thought I couldn’t draw. I preferred just dragging paints across a canvas and I still do, honestly. I absolutely adore it. But now that I know I can draw I am definitely looking to push the boundaries. There are going to be pieces that take about 10 days to draw, as opposed to an hour of mayhem on the canvas. Ultimately I want to achieve a sort of mix of fine drawing, human anatomy and abstract backgrounds. It would be the kind of word that lends itself to the style of someone like Gustav Klimt.

I want to start using different colours and metallics and just work with different textures. Something that would be the amalgam of all the things that I am starting to learn. The exciting bit is that now I can do and learn about so many more things as opposed to earlier when there was nothing left to grasp, really. Now I think I’ve got a foundation to build upon and I think the confidence that I’ve achieved is going to grow exponentially. At least that’s what I’m trying to achieve.

Here is the link the first episode where Jon’s is featuring.  Aired on Channel 4 on the 12th March 2021