Monochrome Works - Brush strokes series - Stiffy Art
Brush strokes commission - Stiffy Art

If you have browsed my Abstract and Expressionism portfolio, then you know that I LOVE multiple colours, the more the better!! Well, this joy didn’t last long, when I was challenged to create monochrome art. You probably think that it is really easy – just focus on one colour. But if you are like me and are used to create works with 20+ colours, then this challenge is a little bit frustrating, to say the least. By monochrome, I mean any colour plus black and white and any of their combination. Monochrome doesn’t always mean black and white. Here is a series of my monochrome sketches.

However, I must have created something good as on the back of this exercise I secured a wall art commission which you can see below. On the right is the photo with happy clients. I’ve also done a quick time lapse video below to show you the process of the work.