Richter inspired - Stify Art

Gerhard Richter is German artist who is famous for his hyper realistic and abstract paintings. I was mostly inspired by his abstracts. Especially, how he manipulates the canvas using squeegee and creates the movement on canvas by dragging it across fresh paint. Again, I used just handful of colours to make sure that I will not achieve ‘muddy’ effect, upcycled some of my old canvases and painted them over. This way I achieved even more ‘movement’ on the surface as the texture underneath influenced the way I dragged the paint across.

This style resonated with quite a few people and therefore I managed to secure another commission. This one is called ‘102 – Inner Heart-beat’ (Acrylic on canvas 102cm x 72cm). I must say that I really enjoyed creating this type of work. It was much easier using completely new canvases though, than upcycle the previous work. I managed to achieve much ‘smoother’ result.

Richter inspired 2 - Stiffy Art