It was quite the experience, to say the least. On the first day, I think I fell into the very common trap of trying to cater to people. I was drawing what I thought people expected me to draw and it just wasn’t me. It was just too grey. There was no freedom to it. I think it was a very corporate and conservative response to an opportunity to showcase my true artistic self, and I’m not a grey person at all.

The time limit certainly added pressure and then there was the competition. I’m just not used to people competing with me. Art is not a competition. It was a host of new experiences including the camera and the audience and everything. As an artist, you’re not really used to that stuff. It’s the criticism too. However, this is the part I’m used to. It’s an important part of the process.

What I enjoyed the most about the entire experience was the spectacle of it. By spectacle, I mean just the sheer amount of people that come together to put the thing together. When you walk the hallways you see the editors, the assistants, the green rooms, the girls that set up all the artwork, sound engineers and the camera technicians. It’s like a swarm of ants all over the place and as soon as the production guy says he’s ready to shoot, there’s absolute silence. In that moment you just end up getting extremely nervous because all these people have turned silent for you.

These people are thorough professionals. They come together to shoot an episode of something and then disperse. It was extremely exciting to see the professional standard that they operated on. It just blew me away. I can only imagine what it’d be like to be on the set of a James Bond film or Star Wars. I’d be absolutely numb. I honestly wouldn’t know where to look. With the show, I’m glad I was able to focus after day one. You have an hour, there’s no time for distractions whatsoever. Overall, it was quite the experience.



Here is the link the first episode where Jon’s is featuring.  Aired on Channel 4 on the 8th March 2021