Help is here, read on ….

The do say choosing presents is one of the most stressful times; for me it is!.

All too often I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security of indifference as to a partner not requiring a present at all or fatally buying too small, too large, too modern, too frumpy or singularly for my gratification. I used to keep receipts but I then ran the risk chastisement as to spending too much or too little.

Some say ‘giving’ is better than receiving well, It’s not!

Not that I want for anything but, it’s the trials and tribulation of the process of ‘giving’ a present. That moment of unwrapping and realisation that you’ve completely missed all the hints over the year at to what was supposed to have been purchased!

But even prior to the giving of an inept present there’s the card (the heart felt sentiment of the verse, or lack of it), the quality of the wrapping paper (professionally shop applied, it’s thickness, the design), the degree of difficulty in opening (over reliance of adhesive tape, no ribbon, no bows) and then the obligatory guessing when, it now dawns exactly what you should have bought!

If you are struggling to find that memorable Christmas present and for those who still ‘believe’ in Santa then I am St Nicholas reincarnated.

Yes that is really me (with padding!) Clearly I’ll not be relying on my ‘little or big helpers’ this year but ….

Santa ‘Stiffy’ is now taking orders to provide original pieces of art for your loved ones.

All you need to do is visit my art page choose a style, size and drop me a note. But rather than sending it to the North Pole use the Commissions Page.

Come on! – Who would not want to be given a ‘Stiffy’ for Christmas?