My whole house is unique, but the bedroom in particular is one of my favourite areas.

This room signifies a massive departure in my work into Realism, a change which spring-boarded from my (dare I say!) ‘celebrity’ appearance on the television show Drawers Off. There I was challenged to start to draw instead of paint, and the episode focused on pencil work. This area is my favourite in terms of how the art is developing.


One of my favourite pieces is the Angst. I drew this at a challenging time, combining the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic with some of the more contentious work that I get involved in.

It’s a depiction of a whole host of emotions. The image of the scream is a wonderful depiction of anxiety, but there’s also much more to the image when you consider its depth, detail, and beauty. There’s definitely the message there that all hope is not lost.

A particular challenge here was drawing hands, which are one of the most difficult body parts to draw. However, if I do say so myself, I think I managed to capture and combine both the emotions and the intense technical detail of the art of drawing in this piece.