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Experiments & Sketches


‘Wakeboard’ Marker on wakeboard 135 cm x 45 cm 2021 Decoration of the wakeboard inspired by Bridget Riley. RETURN TO EXPERIMENTS & SKETCHES

Time for Reflection

‘Time for Reflection’ Pencil and marker on paper 594 mm x 841 mm 2021 ‘Time for Reflection’ is a further development in my surrealism series. However, this time I decided not to have any background as I felt that the foreground is good enough. And it really is. It speaks to me and hopefully, the [...]


‘Angst’ Pencil and marker on paper 594 mm x 841 mm 2021 The angst in this piece is more or less a reflection of my mood at the time. When your art starts becoming popular, your clientele inevitably increases. Each piece that an artist makes takes a little bit of his soul. A little bit [...]

The Fallen Angel

‘The Fallen Angel’ Pencil and marker on paper 594 mm x 841 mm 2021 The Fallen Angel is a third piece of my three ladies. I continued with the same style, where I depict a mythological creature in the foreground and then add patterns to the background. This angel emerges from the sea of illusion [...]

The Medusa

'The Medusa' Pencil and marker on paper 594 mm x 841 mm 2021 It’s an interesting mix, really. It’s partly based on Medusa, partly on Bridget Riley and has an oriental face. In essence, it’s a huge composition that has made me focus a lot on the texture of the hair and the background, which is [...]

The Mermaid

‘The Mermaid’ Pencil and marker on paper 594 mm x 841 mm 2021 I think the transition from Medusa to the Mermaid was heavily based on my appreciation of Gustav Klimt (his painting ‘Water Serpents I’, in particular). It fascinates me to think that someone from the 1915-1920 era had such incredible foresight when it came [...]

The Gaze

I started properly learning human anatomy and drawing it October 2020. The start was not my favourite as it was hours and hours of going through all the details of skeleton, then muscles and finally skin. At one point I was seeing leg muscles and skulls in my dreams. That is how much I was [...]


One might say that you are not an artist until you have produced at least one self-portrait. I produced quite a few, but this one is the only one I am prepared to share with you. What can I say, this is who I am and how I see myself. I thought that it was [...]

Shadows – study of kitchen towels

One might think that this is the easiest thing to do. Just a bit darker where the light does not reach and lighter where the object encounters light, right? Maybe for some artists it is easy, but certainly it was not for me. Not at the start. Why do we need shadows at all? This [...]

Classical Drawing Sketch 1 - Stiffy Art

Classical drawing

Over the past few months, I have been actively developing my classical drawing skills. It has been a very intense journey so far with various results, some I’m more pleased with and some ended up in a bin. However, it is a journey which I have been enjoying regardless. Here are a couple of examples [...]

William de Kooning inspired - Stiffy Art

Artist influences vol. 3 – William de Kooning

William de Kooning is quite an interesting artist who I have come across. His work seems to be almost ‘child-like’, but there is something that really resonated with me. Although here is an artwork which started with inspiration from de Kooning, but in the end it became something completely different. It looks almost like a [...]

Rauschenberg inspired - Stiffy Art

Artist influences vol. 4 – Robert Rauschenberg

Now this is something really interesting as I haven’t heard about this artist Robert Rauschenberg before, but I was guided towards his work and I’m hugely impressed. His portfolio is super diverse, however it has introduced me the possibility of using found objects on my artworks. It is like a mix between collage and assemblage. This [...]

Richter inspired - Stify Art

Artist influences vol. 2 – Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter is German artist who is famous for his hyper realistic and abstract paintings. I was mostly inspired by his abstracts. Especially, how he manipulates the canvas using squeegee and creates the movement on canvas by dragging it across fresh paint. Again, I used just handful of colours to make sure that I will [...]

Van Gogh inspiration - Stiffy Art

Artist influences vol 1. – Vincent van Gogh

As with any artist, I’m very inspired by different masters. One of them is Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. I’m particularly motivated by his visible short brushstrokes as well as his colour schemes. Here is my work inspired by his work (on the right). When I saw his Starry Night Over the Rhône  it reminded [...]

Colour wheel and using different brushstrokes Various brushstrokes series - Stiffy Art

Colour wheel and using different brushstrokes

After the monochrome exercise (which I actually quite enjoyed in the end), I got an opportunity to go back to colours. Not as many as I would normally go for (I was restricted to 3 plus black and white), but still. Here are some of my sketches. I experimented with different brushes and sizes as [...]

Monochrome Works - Brush strokes series - Stiffy Art

Monochrome works

If you have browsed my Abstract and Expressionism portfolio, then you know that I LOVE multiple colours, the more the better!! Well, this joy didn’t last long, when I was challenged to create monochrome art. You probably think that it is really easy – just focus on one colour. But if you are like me [...]

Classical Development Still life series - Stiffy Art

Classical development

Now, each art student will tell you that they have packed numerous hours of still life drawing under their belt. And I bet not one of them enjoyed every single second of it. Well, I’m no exception.  Here are just a couple of examples, but believe me, I’ve been ‘suffering’ for many-many more hours with [...]

All Backgrounds - Stiffy Art

Development of backgrounds

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m very particular how I treat my background, middle ground and foreground. Here are some samples from my sketchbook. I’m interested how different colours react with each other and what is the result I achieve when layering all these colours up. Once I finish a piece, you rarely [...]

All flowers - Stiffy Art

Start of the Abstract

I’m sure you have seen my floral work, which I’ve gathered under Abstract section of my portfolio. As with everything, these didn’t look like this right away at the beginning. Here you can see the development of my work – from the very traditional sketches to more recognisable style. I experimented with different flower images, [...]

Umbrella series - Stiffy Art

First developments – Umbrella series

I started properly creating art in 2018 and from the start I was drawn to vivid colours. Initially, I started with illustrative pieces. I was just discovering painting and was exploring what I can achieve with various colour combinations. Here is my first set of works: Umbrella series. I did do quite a few sketches [...]