On, 8th February 2020, I ran my very first workshop on various styles – Abstract, Expressionism and Stencil Art. These styles have been already developed years and decades ago, but such is the nature of each style I’m able to put my own spin on them and create Stiffy Art. The workshop took place at W: Skin, a facial aesthetics clinic in Wirksworth, which lent their premises to me. They also host an exhibition of my work for their customers to enjoy!

At the start of the workshop, I admit I was quite nervous. Luckily the enthusiastic participants gave me a lot of energy. The workshop itself spanned over 6 hours, but a lot of amazing work was produced during that time. The length of time was needed as I wanted each participant to create a piece using all three styles and techniques without rushing, to complete all in the pace they enjoyed. This paid off when we reflected on the work created… They were amazing!

Abstract, Expressionism and Stencil Art workshopI demonstrated the techniques and then the participants produced their own version of the work, each putting their personality and twist on things. What impressed me the most was the freedom which they expressed to create their works of art. Which is exactly how it should be for any artist!

My sincerest of thanks to Annette Matthews as my host at W:Skin

If you are looking to do something different with your employees as a team-building exercise or just want to unleash your creativity, please get in touch and I will put together a workshop which is custom-tailored for you. Please contact me via phone or email below:

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