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About me

Jon Stiff - Stiffy Art

I am Jon Stiff, the artist behind Stiffy Art. I offer abstract artworks which currently represent two distinct styles of imagery competing with a dual identity of respectability and rebellion. The first patently bright, joyous, charming and; the second, brash, chaotic, unruly and wayward!

Art provides me with a platform to express myself and solicit opinion (good or bad). I don’t have an issue in asking for help and support. If I am successful in attracting you, I will be guided as to what’s popular by demand and then, knowingly do the complete opposite!

Normality, standardisation and the status quo does not sit well with me. Frankly, predictability and certainty violently oppose the change I am searching. I want to be different; I want you to view what I am and if you are willing to work with me and create something rather unique?

My journey as an artist started quite recently, however this hasn’t stopped me to fully spread my wings and showcase the world what my art is all about.

At the end of the day Art is Art. My Art; Stiffy Art will be a gift to you. The art, my enthusiasm and passion will demonstrate how serious a contender I am. My art will evolve. I am focused on being the next best. If my art is not to your taste (or me come to that matter) then the comfort I take is that, ‘perhaps’ you are not quite ready for me?

No more words just enjoy the Art!


2019 – Stiffy Art launch event, Botanist, Birmingham
2019 – W: Skin, permanent display at the studio, Wirksworth

2020 – Special commission for Acorns Children’s Hospice online auction in December 2020
2020 – Workshop ‘Abstract, Expressionism and Stencil Art’, W: Skin, Wirksworth
2019 – Artist residency at the Park Hotel Le Fonti in Tuscany, Italy

Artworks in private collections in Italy, Thailand, South Africa.

The Artist