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I am Jon Stiff, the artist behind Stiffy Art.

My background is in the construction industry and I still navigate the corporate environment on a daily basis.

However, my deep passion is in fine art. My journey as a professional artist started in 2018 and I became mesmerised with abstract art. I’m still predominantly an abstract artist focusing on painting, but I also experiment with drawing and line work. Initially, I started depicting various floral scenery, but then moved towards more abstract art.

I’ve drawn inspiration from artworld heavy weights like  Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Bridget Riley, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. I have utmost respect to all of them and have been grateful to learn from their work.

Normality, standardisation and the status quo does not sit well with me. Frankly, predictability and certainty violently oppose the change I am searching.

I want to be different.

At the end of the day Art is Art. My Art; Stiffy Art will be a gift to you. If my art is not to your taste (or me come to that matter) then the comfort I take is that, ‘perhaps’ you are not quite ready for me?

No more words just enjoy the Art!





  • Private collections in Italy, Thailand, and South Africa.