Since writing my Artist’s statement so much has happened at an incredible pace. I continue to take albeit on occasion reckless strides in branding and experiment with my style.

Some say the brand is a little ‘ballsy’ but I have an not what could be described as a shrinking violet nor a wallflower. I do however acknowledge my image and my art will not be to everyone’s taste. If it were then I’d be loved by all, now there’s a thought!

Setting aside political correctness I am totally loving the degree of immersion, comfort and escape my art brings. My art is becoming a whole reinvention; pleasurable, so exciting and rapidly evolving.

The most recent transition has been from Abstract to Abstract Expressionism. Even my closest of ‘friends’ fail to appreciate the relative skill in composing an abstract piece. At the start I would have agreed as “any five-year-old can through and splash paint at a canvas”!

Mine now have composition, depth and structure. Pollock, Rothko and Gerhard Richter have provided me the inspiration and drive to push bounds even further and develop my own amalgam.

I have attached four images that show the transition (17, 21, 39 & 40) each I love.

The use of varying paint medium continues to provide for unpredictable, fractious and textured imagery. The monochrome promotes greater discipline; void of a gimmick and simplistic contrast.

It is these latter two styles that I will at least for the short term develop based on the artistry of Pollock and attempt to play with the textures from Gerhard Richter. Needless to state this is becoming more a ‘hobby’ it’s now an addiction!

Fair to state I continue to take more commissions on the earlier styles (No:17) but that matters not; any opportunity to have my Stiffy on the show is an achievement!

The focus now to stage an exhibit in ‘real life’ and enhance my profile on Social media so please share, like and promote me as best you can.

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