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Stiffy Art - hands of Jon Stiff

To date I continue to enjoy quite an eventful, successful but rather corporate career. I’ve met some wonderful people, some inspirational and some you’d rather forget.

If I was to admit mistakes then it’s taking life far too seriously for far too long and being at risk of losing my identity. Beneath the veneer of corporate acceptability, I held true to a boyish sense of humour.

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to be in the ‘right place at the right time’. It was on such an occasion and a chance meeting with an artist that a new chapter has opened. From this meeting a new friendship was forged along with associations with some quite remarkable people.

For the first time I have created imagery; expressed freely my emotions and reflected these in my canvases. The art that radiates from me are neither framed by agenda, nor confined by rules or weighed down by accountability. They are simple, they are honest, they are joyous; they are mine.

I do want to be accepted as an artist; I want people to recognise my work. My aim, my aspiration is to have ‘Stiffy’ synonymous with original creations of art that need no analysis, no dissection but valued and immediately enjoyed.